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The Dieffenbach Family

Michael & Jessica

"The Sugarplums"​

It all started in Farmville, Va; where Michael went to Hamden Sydney College and I (Jessica) went to Longwood University.  As tradition would have it the HSC boy married the LU girl.  After getting hitched in 2014 "The Sugarplums"  (a nickname that has stuck with us since dating) moved to Michael's home town of Virginia Beach.  I had grown up in Moseley, Va, a rural area outside of Richmond, VA and was not accustomed to the city life in Virginia Beach.  As a compromise we planted our roots in the Pungo area of Virginia Beach.  In 2016 we had our first son, Michael Wayne.  We also jumped into the real estate industry; Michael becoming a home builder and myself becoming a REALTOR® with Keller Williams Town Center- Virginia Beach and an ACCREDITED STAGING PROFESSIONAL®.  Being in real estate we were always browsing the listings for land and opportunities.  One day, Michael Wayne was asleep in the car and I wasn't ready to go back to parenting a toddler quite yet, so we drove around until I found what we now call "The Farm".  I knew that this was it.  It was the place I wanted to raise our baby.  We purchased the property in 2017 and slowly but surely started clearing and creating our dream.Our second son, Thomas, came along in 2018 and our third boy was born in 2020.  We also added chickens, goats, cows, and pigs to our crazy family.  As our family grew so did the dreams we had.  We acquired waterfront farmland less than a mile away on Ansell Rd. in 2021. With the combination of the two properties we created Dwellings Farms.  Whether you are out there farming, working, playing, doing chores, having pizza night on the porch, riding the trails, tending to the animals, or having a party; you are having a good time! There is something special about a place that guarantees to put a smile on your face.  This is our reason for opening Dwellings Farms up for rent!  We know you will love it out there as much as we do!


We are a small farm offered up for rent.  We have two properties that make up Dwellings Farms.  2349 Baum Rd. is where you will find The Barn, pastures, and farm animals.  The front pasture is a favorite spot where the parties happen.  Enjoy the flat and spacious fenced in area as you celebrate!  From there you can utilize the screened in porch and animal petting area.  The first farm animal you will probably meet is the sweetest barn cat, Sea Biscuit. From there you will most likely come across one of The Ladies (Buff Orpington and Brabanter Hens) who are sure to come a clucking for a treat.  Cheddar, Cora, and Skylar (Mini Highlands) will then probably great you with a moo and stare you down for a carrot.  Once our country music stars (Kunekune pigs; Dolly, Patsy, Reba, and Martina) see you slipping the cows a carrot they won't stop snorting until you pay them a visit and drop a treat in their trough.  And last but not least is Rip, Dutton, and Billy (Nigerian Dwarf Goats), they will either be busy head butting each other or baaing at you for an animal cracker.  These party animals will add nothing but joy to your rental.  These areas and animals make a great backdrop for your photos and atmosphere for your rental.

2100 Ansell Rd; less than a minute drive down Baum Rd.  This is the second property available for rental.  From fields planted with the seasons' crop, a pond, dock, dirt roads, woods, water views, you will have a variety of backgrounds for your activities.



  • Farm Rentals for your various needs!

  • Hourly Rentals great for photography sessions or shorter activities.

  • Full Day Rentals for those larger and longer events.

  • The Barn with full kitchen!  Great for a dinner party or birthday gathering.

  • Animal Observation Areas.

  • Pastures.

  • And so much more!

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